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DeJuneas Law, LLC is tenacious and will fight for you every step of the way. We don't shy away from the hard cases and, as several media recognize, we don't back down. If you would like to read more about us and our work, please feel free to review the various news articles linked below.

Massachusetts Department of Corrections

The Taking of Cell 15

While attempting to visit a client at MCI Norfolk, Attorney DeJuneas was subjected to an invasive search by prison guards. After learning that dozens upon dozens of her colleagues had endured similar encounters, Attorney DeJuneas set out to change the law-and succeeded:

Abhorrent strip searches threaten right to counsel – Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Assets of LLC members beyond reach of litigants – Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Lawyer deserves kudos for blowing whistle on pat searches – Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Invasive searches persist at MCI Norfolk

Bar welcomes new procedures for prisoner visits

Recognized for her efforts at improving conditions for female criminal defense lawyers at Massachusetts prisons as well as her mentoring of law students and young attorneys, Attorney DeJuneas received the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly prominent Top Women In Law award:

2016 Top Women in Law

Prosecutor Misconduct

As a criminal defense trial and appellate lawyer, Attorney DeJuneas is passionate about protecting her clients against prosecutor and government misconduct, and she is not afraid to speak out on the dangers of misconduct:

Prosecutors Break The Rules

The Trials Of Sean Ellis

First Amendment

In her practice and as a contributing attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, Attorney DeJuneas has a particular interest in protecting First Amendment rights:

Decision threatens to erode First Amendment protections

State's Highest Court To Hear Acton Church Case

Public Records Law

At DeJuneas Law, LLC we often use public records request to uncover government misconduct and other important matters. Attorney DeJuneas spoke out about issues related to public records requests as the Massachusetts General Assembly considered substantial changes to the public records law:

Records request comes with a price for lawyer seeking answers

Hinton Drug Lab Scandal

The Hinton Drug Lab scandal ultimately resulted in the dismissal of more than 25,000 criminal convictions. Attorney DeJuneas represented a client whose rights were violated by former drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan:

Drug lab chemist testified she had master's; UMass says not so

Drug lab chemist accused of lying

Woman allowed to wear spaghetti strainer in Mass. license photo

Civil Litigation

Attorney DeJuneas represents the victim of a brutal rape in a parking garage, where another woman was raped by the same man just days earlier.

Garage owners want $4M rape award reduced

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At DeJuneas Law, LLC, we focus on Civil & Criminal Appeals, Criminal Defense, and Civil Rights, and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.