Lawyer-to-Lawyer Consulting & Motion Practice


Whether you are handling your first appeal or going to trial in a case with novel or complex legal issues, turn to the experienced trial and appellate litigators at Dejuneas Law, LLC. With our unique blend of appellate and trial experience, we work with other lawyers to help them litigate important legal issues, protect the trial record for appeal, and persuasively argue points of law. We can help you win cases before trial through motion practice, assist with the development of discovery and trial strategies, and to optimize the chance for success in the event of an appeal. We also work with trial lawyers with little to no appellate experience, teaching them appellate practice and procedure, how to spot meritorious issues, how to draft persuasive arguments, and how to argue persuasively to panels of appellate judges. Attorney DeJuneas can walk you through the appellate process, from filing the notice of appeal and through resolution of your case.

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At DeJuneas Law, LLC, we focus on Civil & Criminal Appeals, Criminal Defense, and Civil Rights, and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.